Violeta Balabavnova

Violeta Balabanova

is a well known name in Bulgarian literature. She entered the temple of poetry in 1966 with her first poetic cycles - "Embroidery" (1969), "Girls in Love" (1971), "Poetic Fortune" (1980). In 1992 she published her first collection entitled "Embroidery" which led to claims of a new style in Bulgarian poetry. An impressive element of this work is not only the poetic fluency of the verse, but the predominance of folklore and traditional Bulgarian elements. After the huge success of the book "Embroidery" which had successful premieres in Berne, Switzerland and Istanbul, Turkey, poems in the collection have attracted the attention of Bulgarian pop and rock musicians who have used them in their songs. Violeta also published other collections of poetry which are no less impressive:

"I am coming" (1995), "Mission" (1999) and "Holy Sinner" (2002). Violeta Balabanova has once again surprised connoisseurs of the word. She has managed once again to prove that poetry is not just an art, but a gift, feeling and eternity.

Violeta Balabanova's books can be found in the national libraries of France, UK, Australia, Germany, Russia and in the Library of Congress in Washington, the university libraries of Chicago, California, Poland and Hungary. Many of her poems have been translated into English and French. They can be found in the "Anthology of Bulgarian Poets" translated into Portuguese.

"Holy Sinner" was published by International Global News Ltd, financed by Baileys. The illustrations are by Silvi Baseva, Nikolai Yanakiev and Petar Savov.

Violeta Balabanova is a member of the Union of Independent Bulgarian Poets and one of the founding members of Lions Club Sofia-Serdika.

Violeta Balabanova-Holy Sinner


Be this day!
With the song of birds
and men.
The light of morning
Shines in the sky,
With a radiant smile
Illuminating the joy of
this day!
Its rays
Caressing men.
Promising forever!
To be blessed
This day!

I gave my caress to the

And the song drew me
To another.
My fleeting memories
Concealed in my breast.
I shared my dreams
With galloping riders -
Lighting the morning
In a poem of confession.
I shared my caress
With the raging tempest.

And I Wonder

Where to go?
Where the winds will take me?
What storms
To gather in my breast?
I wonder, wonder...
The moon shines with lilac dreams.
Pure water springs from my soul.
Waiting for you-
Loving eyes,
A different face to the silent night.
And tell me - where to go?
To feel the hungry breath again.
I follow your scent,
Aroused by Schubert s dream.
I now wonder no more.
No more!
With the flight of hooves
In cosmic realms
Unweaving memories.