partners. We organize more than 1,000 events every year to bring business contacts together. Other services provided by ADVANTAGE AuSTRIA offices range from intro-ductions to Austrian companies looking for importers, distributors or agents to providing in-depth information on Austria as a busi-ness location and assistance in entering the Austrian market. The first office of this kind in Bulgaria was established 60 years ago in 1953 in Sofia. Since then there has been a permanent rep-resentation in Bulgaria. The main tasks are to support and accompa-ny Austrian companies in their busi-ness relations with Bulgaria. Besides individual consulting we are publish-ing regularly reports on different relevant topics and sectors covering Bulgaria. Another major task is to organize different events: on the one hand in different cities in Austria, where we inform companies about market oppor-tunities in direct talks, and on the other hand we are bringing delegations of business(wo)men to Bulgaria. Every year there are sever-al events, for exam-ple Austrian Showcases or Austrian-groupstands at fairs, with the focus to enable direct B2B contacts to rele-vant Bulgarian compa-nies and public organizations. The last Austrian Showcases, for instance, covered the fields of transport technology and trans-port infrastructure, tourism infrastruc-ture: knowhow and equipment, environ-mental technologies and Energy Efficiency in the construction. Sector and Industry. This year 2013 we organized Austrian groupstands at the fair "EE&RES Save the planet", at WATER SOFIA and at ITM Plovdiv.

For the next year we are putting the focus on environmental tech-nologies. Austria is at the forefront of a wide range of technologies that are addressing the need to protect the environment and help us all be sustainable. Success in "green technologies" has helped Austrian companies to develop an excellent worldwide reputation. The eco-industry generates annual rev-enues of EuR 10.6 billion and employs a workforce of about 87000 people. Several Austrian com-panies in different areas of envi-ronmental technology have already invested and are active in Bulgaria. The collaboration of the two coun-tries also on an institutional level has been going on for several years. In March, in the framework of the fairs and conferences "EE & RES" and "Save the planet" we are planning again an Austrian group-stand as well as an Austrian Showcase. Another focus will be laid on the tourism sector in Bulgaria. Austria has a long history in knowhow and technology in this field, in particu-lar in winter tourism. There have been several delegations to both countries in the past. Advantage Austria will support the ongoing cooperation between the two coun-tries. We publish a quarterly newsletter with news, events and other infor-mation concerning Austria in Bulgaria. If you are interested please write us at or visit our website