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"The activities of the Institute directed towards strategically connected countries of the region deserve praise, and the format of this conference is also proof of that", remarked Foreign Minister, Kristian Vigenin, in his welcoming speech. He also noted the enormous role of the Diplomatic Institute as an independent instrument of Bulgarian foreign policy and an institution which responds to contemporary challenges through its training policy and other activities directed towards to the public and international cooperation. One of the possible responses to the challenges to our diplomacy is the ability to think beyond the methods of classical diplomacy, said the minister. He set out the main foreign policy priorities for Bulgaria, including

maintaining continuity, full involvement in the Eu, development of regional cooperation in South East Europe and the Black Sea Region, as well as support for Bulgarian communities overseas. To achieve these objects Bulgaria needs to guarantee its security, which is the reason for active involvement in NATO, cSDP and support for bringing our neighbours into the Euroatlantic security environment", noted Minister Vigenin.
The speech of honour was made by Mr. Jan Petersen, Norwegian Ambassador to Vienna, Norwegian Foreign Minister (2001-2005) and member of the International Advisory Board to the Diplomatic Institute. In his speech he noted a number of significant challenges facing the contemporary diplomat - the impossibility of attaining the agenda of the ruling government, the closed circle of state subsidies, the lack of national coordination strategies, the need for transparency and accountability, limited participation in the public debate and the need to open new roads towards a diplomatic career. The key to success, in the words of Ambassador Petersen, is patience, preparation, the ability to react quickly and the involvement of the diplomat in various networks of a political and public nature. Speeches were made during the opening of the conference by Dr.Solomon Passy, President of the Atlantic club in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Foreign Minister, Professor Dr.Zdravko Popov,


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